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New Studies in Liposuction Article

I have found an interesting article by Shari Roan with the Los Angeles Times that I would like to share with you.

Most people come in to have liposuction in order to look better or feel better about their physical appearance.  There are new studies now showing that by removing that fat, you also reduce harmful fat circulating in the blood.  In the study, they measured levels of triglycerides in 229 people having liposuction.  In the people with normal levels, there were no changes.  In the people starting with high levels of triglycerides, blood tests taken three months after surgery showed a 43% reduction in triglycerides.

It was also found that white blood cell counts fell 11% after liposuction.  This is important because white blood cells means there is inflammation present which is linked to higher risk if cardiovascular disease.  We do not know how long the triglycerides levels will stay reduced, or if liposuction can really lower your risk of cardiovascular disease.  These new studies though show us that the subcutaneous fat which can be reduced by liposuction is just as metabolically important.

Just one more reason I always say, “When in doubt, suck it out.”

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