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Botox Injections for Hair Growth?

This information is from Journal Watch.

Botox has been used for wrinkles, sweaty underarms, headaches… and now hair growth?  A study in Canada (sponsored by the manufacturer) used 150 units of BTX-A injected into the scalp muscles of 50 males, followed by a repeat treatment 24 weeks later.  Of the 40 that completed the study, average hair counts increased 18%.  Treatment response rate was in 75% of participants.

How did they come up with this idea?  The theory is that testosterone is converted to DHT (the hormone that causes hair to fall out) in a low oxygen environment.  By putting BTX-A in the muscles of the scalp, it relaxes them, increasing the amount of oxygen in the area, meaning less DHT (and an increase in estrogen) therefor less hair loss.

Think I’d be able to inject myself?

Adam Baker, MD

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