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Christmas with the Bakers…

What’s your favorite Holiday Tradition?
We love the Elf on the Shelf.  The first thing the kids do when they wake up is try to find “Elfie.”  And day before Christmas, the Elf goes crazy and moves around every 5 minutes.  

What is your family looking forward to most during the holidays?
We usually have a family get together at our house Christmas eve, and all the cousins swap gifts.  Not that the cousins have kids, its really a second cousin gift swap.  Then Christmas morning, we cook a big breakfast and the grandparents come over to eat and watch the kids open presents.  Wrapped presents are from us, unwrapped are from Santa.

What song really gets you in the Holiday spirit?
“Mary did you know” is my favorite song.  I still can’t grasp the importance of or reality that God actually came to earth in the flesh.  On the fun side, I love to sing all the old Christmas songs from high school German class… drives the kids crazy.  “Stille Nacht” “Rudolp mit rotem Naschen” and “Oh Tannenbaum”  Oh, great.  Now they are stuck in my head again.

Real or Fake tree?
Fake.  Too many allergies to for this guy.  Prelit too.  Kids really got into the decorating this year.  All those years Rachel has spent collecting the ornaments from the kids, are finally paying off.

Favorite holiday candy/food?
I love our breakfast Christmas morning.  We call it “Pock’s breakfast”.  Cubed potatoes, eggs, cheese and bacon.  My dad (Pock) usually comes over and makes it.  Never the same way twice, really.  He’s not much for sticking to the recipe. My wife loves to make White Chocolate Peppermint Bark.  Kids get to help, and I love to eat it.

Service is an important part of the Baker family. What are some easy ways the whole family can get involved in serving others?
We love to serve at FIT (Families in Transition, a branch of Agape). The whole family goes to Bent Tree apartments in Whitehaven and play games, do crafts, or read Bible stories to the kids of new moms who are taking life skills classes to prepare them for jobs and life when they graduate the program.  There is a lot of need there and its a good opportunity for families to serve together.

We hope you and your family enjoy this holiday season, make some new memories, and enjoy traditions that make the holidays special.

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