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The Nefertiti BOTOX neck lift

I recently attended the Orlando Dermatology Aesthetic and Clinical Conference where learned about several new procedures and tips.

One of my favorite tips was the Nefertiti neck lift.  This BOTOX add on is so simple.  The theory is that the platysma muscle of the neck pulls the jowls down.  So a few, very small injections along the jaw line and down the side of the neck balances out their downward pull, providing a “lift” in the skin along the neck and jaw area.

Nefertiti was the Egyptian Pharaoh’s queen in the 1300’s BC and was known as Egypt’s most beautiful queen.  Her now famous bust is located in Berlin’s Neues Museum.  Her neckline has been a standard of beauty ever since.

As with most BOTOX treatments, this procedure will need to be repeated several times a year, but it is a quick, low cost ($200) addition to your current maintenance plan.

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