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Fillers, fillers everywhere.

Today we have more choices than ever in the battle to remove lines, volumize the face and to restore youth.  Here are some of the latest techniques that I picked up at the Orlando Dermatology Aesthetic and Clinical Conference last month.

The upper face has been left out.  Toxins like Botox and Dysport have been our go to tools to raise the brow and prevent the frown lines between the eyes.  Good news is that fillers work here too and can complement your toxin treatment.
1.  The Temples.  A great way to bring volume back is to fill in the hollows of the temples.  This area has been neglected for years.  I typically will use a cannula instead of a needle here, to prevent any nerve or blood vessel injury.  Its tough to look youthful with a bruise on your temple.  This trick works great with all of our favorite fillers, like Juvederm and Restylane/Perlane.  And the results last a year.
2.  The Eyebrows.  Sometimes when we use toxins in the forehead, we aren’t able to achieve the lift needed to keep the brow up on the forehead.  Nothing says “I’m tired” more than a brow that droops.  So while you are filling in your temples, cheeks or lips, let me put a little filler just underneath the eyebrow.  The look is natural, and lasts a year.
3.  The “Elevens”.  Between the eyes Botox is not able to get rid of those permanent lines.  But put a little filler here, and WOW, you can make a big impact.  It doesn’t eliminate the need for Botox, but it will definitely make you look a lot younger… immediately.Call us or go online to book a consultation and learn more about fillers today.

~ Dr. Baker
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