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Honduras – A Focusing On Vision

Reading Glasses For Honduras

You’ve probably heard it… “Ah, that’s better!”, as someone reaches for their glasses, exhaling deeply as they can suddenly see clearly. In the US it can be as simple as walking into a “gas station” of all places, to pick up a pair of reading glasses that can make all the difference. In fact, the picture to the right shows a display I recently saw at a Memphis area Costco store offering a package of three pairs of reading glasses, and priced at just $18.99. It’s so very easy to take for granted something seemingly so trivial as a pair of reading glasses, however the dramatic impact it can have on somebody’s life should not be understated.

Dr Adam Baker, along with families from Highland Church of Christ, have embarked on a mission trip to the town of Trujillo in the north of Honduras. Both Dr. Baker and teams from Highland Church of Christ have travelled to Trujillo on previous mission trips to serve the people, each time fulfilling a variety of needs including construction, training, and friendship and support. The town of Trujillo, at one time the capital of Honduras, is close to the site at Puerto Castillo on the peninsular at which the explorer Christopher Columbus is said to have landed.

Map Of Honduras

In the weeks leading up to this mission Dermatology Realm has been collecting reading glasses for Dr. Baker to take to the people of Trujillo. At least 65 percent of the population in Honduras live in poverty and the median income throughout the country is said to be US $1,100. Many people in honduras live outside of a monetary economy and instead trade using bartering.

Something as precious as clear vision, or more specifically some kind of correction for impaired vision, is unattainable and in some cases, due to a lack of education, is not known to be an option. Can you imagine not knowing your poor eyesight could be improved? Not only is the cost of glasses prohibitive, but to get to a store to purchase a pair of glasses could be quite a trek often in mountainous terrain, which would be a challenge for someone with perfect vision nevermind someone who struggles to see properly. Something as simple as a pair of glasses can make a life changing difference in someone’s life.

In the coming weeks we will update you and bring you news of the mission trip.

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