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Tools for Honduras – Donate Tools & Hardware

This November sees another opportunity to bless the people of Honduras, as Dr. Baker, along with his friends from Highland Church of Christ, venture out on another trip to Trujillo, Honduras. During the mission trip they hope to equip a center with various tools and carpentry equipment as well as complete building projects for which the right tools will be vital. If you have tools or hardware you are willing to donate, please drop it off at DermRealm during normal business hours. Below is a list of items we would love to receive.

Tools for Honduras

Over the past few years Dr. Adam Baker has participated in mission trips to Honduras, as part of teams sent by Cordova based Highland Church of Christ. At the end of May 2013, Dr. Baker travelled with 3 other families from the Memphis area on a mission trip to Trujillo, Honduras. Prior to the trip DermRealm collected old reading and prescription glasses to take. Dr. Baker had an outstanding trip offering the opportunity to pass out 600 Bibles, 135 pairs of glasses, visit two schools to pass out school supplies, and to visit a day school for disabled children. The donation of glasses was such a blessing and many more glasses beyond the 135 pairs distributed could then be passed on to another Doctor from the Tupelo area, who continued to distribute the glasses. In all, approximately 600 pairs of glasses made their way to people who were truly in need and who thoroughly appreciate your generosity. Again, thank you for your generous support of this incredible cause.

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