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November is National Healthy Skin Month

healthy-skin_smDid you know your skin is the largest organ in your body? It regulates your body temperature and protects muscles, bones, and internal organs from outside infection and disease. But there is much more to your skin than that! Your skin accounts for 15% of your body weight and contains more than 11 miles of blood vessels. It also acts as a waterproof, insulating shield guarding your body against extreme temperature, damaging sunlight, and harmful chemicals. Here are some tips to keep your skin in great shape not only during National Healthy Skin Month but all year long:

  • Wash your face every day and after exercising
  • Examine skin regularly for any signs of skin cancer – see Dr Baker if you notice any unusual spots, as well as anything changing, itching or bleeding
  • Protect your skin from the sun by seeking shade, wearing protective clothing, and using a broad spectrum SPF 30 water resistant sunscreen everyday

In addition to all the above, adding a Vitamin C-serum to your skin care routine has a multitude of benefits. This powerful antioxidant helps even out skin tone, shields your skin from visible impacts of pollution, protects skin from sun damage and improves hydration. C-serums even help boost collagen production which fills in fine lines and wrinkles, and can dramatically brighten dull skin keeping your skin looking younger, longer!  Obagi offers several skin care products containing Vitamin C. In honor of Healthy Skin Month, Obagi Vitamin C products will be 20% off the entire month of November.

These are just a few of the things you can do to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. See Dr Baker or Denise for expert advice on all the ways to keep your skin healthy and beautiful, prevent skin damage, reduce signs of aging, and protect one of the most vital organs of your body.

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