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Memphis Non Surgical Facelift

The non-surgical facelift is one of our most popular laser treatments. It is four treatments spaced approximately 1-month apart. This facelift treatment uses a laser to heat up the collagen in the skin. When collagen is heated to a certain temperature it denatures, meaning it kind of melts and the body will reform new collagen. When that happens it causes a nice tightening effect of the skin. This non-surgical facelift procedure provides a no downtime treatment, that causes tightening of the face, tightening of the neck, and because of the results it is one of our favorite procedures to do.

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Memphis Non Surgical Fat Removel – VASER Shape

VASER Shape is a great new piece of technology that uses directed ultrasound to heat up the tissue under the skin and disrupts the fat cells using high-frequency sound energy. We can then use a massage technique to move that fat and debris to the lymphatic system. Your body will simply removes the debris and excess fat, and we get a nice circumferential reduction – a reduction of the fat space in the body. Each treatment we are seeing a half inch to an inch and a half fat reduction.

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