Get a Long-Lasting Acne Solution

About Acne

As your body grows and matures, acne will occur naturally. Acne is a result of increased hormone production that stimulates oil glands to make more oil.

This oil plugs the duct of the gland and causes the acne lesions that are more commonly known as pimples or zits.

Acne Treatments

Cystic infected acne lesions will require systemic antibiotics or Accutane. By using the appropriate skin cleanser and moisturizers, the plugs can be dissolved while increasing the healing of your skin's surface and deep dermis.

Antibiotics can kill the infection in lesions and make acne less severe, while the topical medications clear the acne. Accutane (isotretinoin) is often a cure for acne. A six-month course may completely and permanently stop acne and reverse acne scarring.