Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Safe & Convenient Hormone Treatment

Bioidentical Hormone replacement therapy relieves physical and psychological symptoms in men and women caused by hormonal imbalance. If you want increased energy, reduced symptoms of depression, improved libido, and reduced hot flashes, this treatment might be for you.

About Pellet Implants

We administer our hormone replacement therapy by pellet implantation. This method has been used successfully in the United States, Europe, and Australia since 1939 and is the best method. Pellets are better at relieving menopausal symptoms than oral and topical hormone therapy.

Women can get this treatment for pre- and post-menopause related hormone deficiencies and men can receive testosterone pellets, too.

About Testosterone Treatment

Testosterone pellets are the only method of testosterone therapy the provides stable levels for three to four months. Our patients report improvement in their insomnia, sex drive, libido, hot flashes, palpitations, headaches, irritability, depression, aches, pains, and weight gain.

Since this type of testosterone treatment is bioidentical, it’s ideal for people who want a natural hormone replacement therapy. There are minimal side effects and minimal downtime associated with the procedure.

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Treatment Details

There are minimal side effects and minimal downtime. All procedures are outpatient.