All About the Melanage Peel

When it comes to your skin, it just makes sense to invest in top-notch care. From the shower to the sunshine your skin is exposed to a variety of elements. Whatever your level of exposure, you may find yourself dealing with issues like uneven skin tone, deep pigment issues, or melasma. Thankfully, there are new products and procedures on the market that can help you address these issues (and more!) and feel better than ever about your skin. This is where Dermatology Realm can help! We’re talking all about the Melanage Peel and how this innovative skin-brightening system can benefit you! Keep reading to learn more. 

What is a Melanage Peel?

A Melanage chemical peel is a unique and effective treatment option for superficial and medium-depth melasma and is safe for all skin tones. This skin brightening system was designed to improve the texture and appearance of hyper-pigmented skin using a medicated mask applied in our Germantown office. After your in-office mask, we’ll give you instructions on how to maintain your at-home regimen to achieve the best results. There is no pain associated with the mask during application and any irritation following your appointment will be similar to a sunburn for about three to five days. 

How does the Melanage Peel work?

Once you’ve decided the Melanage chemical peel is a good fit for you, the mask will be applied in our office by your aesthetician. This takes approximately 30 minutes and requires two treatments two weeks apart, with 3-5 days of downtime each time. You’ll keep the mask on for a specified amount of time determined by your unique needs and desired results. Following this appointment, you’ll have an at-home routine to maintain as directed by your provider. You may experience some peeling during this period, but this is completely normal and won’t detract from your final results!

After the initial application and following the at-home routine, you’ll come back to our office for a follow-up appointment. During this time, we’ll go over your results and make sure you’re satisfied with your overall experience!

What are the benefits of a Melanage Peel?

The main benefit of the Melanage chemical peel is longevity! Once you have a peel, the chances of any discoloration coming back over time are greatly reduced. It even removes pigment from various sources, including acne. To put it simply, the Melanage skin brightening system will stimulate collagen production, improve skin tone and texture, and diminish fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

What should I expect from a Melanage Peel?

Like with any procedure, results will vary from case to case. Everyone’s skin responds differently, however, patients here at Dermatology Realm typically see great improvement in their overall skin tone and texture as well as lightening of dark spots. Most patients experience peeling in the downtime following treatment, but if you don’t notice any, don’t worry! Your treatment is still working its magic underneath the surface and your results will leave you glowing. 

After your initial mask treatment, your skin may feel slightly tight and dry, similar to a sunburn. It’s important to avoid any heat and sun exposure after your treatment and ALWAYS be sure to use sunscreen when you know you’ll be outside for any period of time. Our team will give you great recommendations for a product that will benefit your unique skin as well as any specific instructions based on your needs. 

Schedule a Melanage Peel with the experts at Dermatology Realm

You only get one life and you deserve to love your skin! If you’ve been dealing with dark spots or hyperpigmentation and want to make a change, Dermatology Realm is here for you. Schedule your initial consultation and learn all about the Melanage peel and how this skin brightening system can improve your skin and boost your self-confidence! We can’t wait to help you love your skin!