Common Skin Problems & How We Treat Them

Skin is our largest organ, and it’s also one of the most complicated ones we have. The changing seasons, underlying medical issues, aging, and sun exposure over time can all make their mark on our appearance, producing everything from dry patches to discoloration. While there are a few lucky people among us who don’t need to put any effort into achieving and maintaining flawless skin, most of us have to work for it!

Here at Dermatology Realm, we know how hard it can be to get the clear complexion you desire. Skin issues may be a common problem, but you don’t have to live with them forever! We’re here to help you love the skin you’re in by providing the best treatment options for any concerns affecting you. Let’s take a look at some of the most common skin problems we see, and how we can help you overcome them.

melanage peel


Acne is one of the most common skin issues, but it’s actually a normal physiological response to the body’s growth and maturation. As our bodies mature, the increase in hormone production stimulates the sebaceous glands to make more oil. This causes the cells lining the outflow duct of the gland to become sticky, eventually leading to the formation of a plug. In turn, this plug prevents oil from escaping through the duct, causing an acne lesion. This issue isn’t limited to teens, however – many adults continue to experience everything from occasional spots to full-blown breakouts.

We treat all kinds of acne problems here at Dermatology Realm. We often start patients off with the appropriate skin cleanser and moisturizers, so that the plugs can be dissolved while increasing the healing of the skin’s surface and deep dermis. Antibiotics can then be used to clear up infection and inflammation in cystic lesions, decreasing the severity of the acne, while topical medications clear the acne itself. Accutane (isotretinoin) is a popular treatment, and a six month course of it has been known to completely and permanently stop acne and even reverse acne scarring.

For less serious cases, we offer a variety of spa services, including microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and deep cleaning facials.


Speaking of scarring, acne can do a number on the skin in many different ways. Scars are usually the result of inflamed blemishes swelling, causing a break in the follicle wall. Shallow lesions are usually minor and heal quickly with no lasting damage, but if there’s a deep break, infected material can spill out into the surrounding tissue, creating deeper lesions. The skin attempts to repair these lesions by forming new collagen fibers, but these repairs are rarely as smooth and flawless as the original skin. We offer a few different laser treatments that can help lessen this type of scarring, including:

ProFractional Laser

This laser treatment works by creating a grid of pinpoint laser beams that zap tiny spots on the skin, producing thousands of tiny but deep columns. Because the skin naturally repairs itself, new collagen can then grow into the columns where the old damaged tissue used to be. Old skin flakes away, diminishing scarring and revealing new radiant skin.


This laser allows us to treat acne scars and improves the texture of the skin by promoting new collagen growth. The Thermascan gently heats up the upper layers of your skin, and this heat is absorbed by the targeted areas, encouraging the skin to produce more collagen. This growth will help improve any scarring that’s been caused by acne.

Micro Laser Peel

This intra-epidermal laser peel is able to precisely ablate the outermost layers of the skin. It’s a customized procedure that is typically repeated 2-4 times and spaced 6-8 weeks apart, but it may be repeated until the desired results are reached.

Sun Damage

As wonderful as it can feel to get out in the sun once the temperatures warm up, the UV rays can cause harmful damage to the skin. This can take the form of more obvious imperfections like blotches, dark spots, or freckles, while other damage lies under the first layer of skin and can only be detected with special lighting. When it comes to the kind of sun damage you can easily see, we offer the XC DayPeel.

This brand new treatment combines technology from our NonSurgical Facelift and MicroLaserPeel procedures to remove sun spots and fine lines while also producing some skin tightening. It’s performed in-office during a normal appointment, there’s no pain during or after treatment, and patients experience very minimal downtime. Most clients can return to work the next day with makeup, though there may be some minor redness for up to a week.

Skin that has sun damage may also benefit from microdermabrasion and photofacials, which we offer from our Germantown office.


Melasma is a common skin condition which generally appears as brownish or gray-brown patches on the face. While it may sometimes show up on the forearms and neck, it’s more frequently seen on the cheeks, the bridge of the nose, forehead, chin, and above the upper lip. Although melasma is often the result of sun exposure, it can also be caused by hormones like estrogen. More than 90% of the people affected by melasma are female, and it’s so common among pregnant women that it’s even been called the “mask of pregnancy.”

Dermatology Realm has the perfect solution to pigment issues! The Melanage Skin Brightening System is a superficial peel designed to improve the texture and appearance of hyperpigmented skin. This treatment option involves a medicated masque combined with an at-home regimen. There is no pain and very little irritation during the application of the mask, along the lines of a mild sunburn. Most patients will experience a minimal downtime of about 3-5 days.

Although results will vary, Melanage patients tend to see a significant improvement in the appearance of pigmented areas. The system stimulates collagen production, improve overall skin tone and texture, and diminishes fine lines along with the hyperpigmentation caused by melasma.


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